Thursday, February 22, 2007

2 weeks, to 2 years

The first time I met my featured client here, he was so fresh and new--only 2 weeks old. I saw him again last year for his 1st birthday, and couldn't believe how much he had grown. Imagine my shock when I saw him this past week for his 2nd birthday! He is a little man now, so full of life and energy, and he loves to run!

Fun bonus for him: Mom brought a cake! We let him dig into it (can I just say how great it smelled? I'm on a post-baby diet, ha ha) and he was delighted to indulge us in a messy photo-op.

Here he was at 2 weeks, then about 1 year...

And here he is now, celebrating the big TWO! Happy birthday, J!

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