Monday, July 30, 2007

It's official

I'm on vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(have I mentioned that I'm going to Mexico for our 10 year anniversary???)

I will be thinking of you all when I'm lounging in my hammock under a palm tree on the sandy white beaches.

I got as much done today as I could including turning in all orders to the lab and putting up as many online galleries as I could get to. I apologize in advance to those who I couldn't. I appreciate your patience!
Adios, amigos!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Sneak Peeks

Well I got frustrated and just loaded a bunch of stuff onto a DVD and moved it all over to the laptop so I could share!

First up is a session I've been doing lots of lately-3 in 2 weeks actually! Grandparents with the grandkids, isn't that a fabulous idea? You will probably recognize three of these kiddos as possibly the most photographed children by Devine Memories Photography next to my own three :)

Trying to play catch up to their cousins, we had to take some of just these two alone-all I can say is, where have they been all my life???!!!
Grandma and Grandpa getting some alone time--if only you could have seen the chaos that was actually brewing around us at this moment!
And Robin, this one's for you!!!
And this session was with a very special client, who on her own has brought in so many referrals that I can't keep them all straight! I think she might even have referred the mom above...but I totally can't keep up!! Thank you D for being so popular :)!!!
This angelic little face will probably also be familiar to you readers, as she is "the face" of the Devine Memories Blog-the little ballerina at the top. Hasn't she grown in a year?

I think this was the favorite part of the session, twirling:
And look who is a new big sister!!!
Gorgeous Mom and her babies:
And new little brother, takin' a snooze.
Remember I will be out next week for my vacation (can I get a wooooo hooooo!) so all calls and emails received after Saturday will be returned the following week.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

*And still, I love technology*

I only have laptop access to the internet right now, so my Q&A and any sneak peeks are going to be delayed as all that info is on my main computer. Gotta love technology.

Also just a heads up-I will be on vacation next week and won't be checking emails, phone messages, etc. I'll be in Mexico with my husband celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary, and getting in some much needed kid-free time.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Can't resist

....sharing this little one with you guys, from the Fountain Sessions this weekend.

I had such a blast and am possibly interested in adding a second date. If you would be interested in doing fountain sessions and couldn't make this weekend, email or call me and if there is enough interest I will add an additional day.

Also keep the questions coming for the Q&A as my next blog will answer your latest questions about photography, etc.
Checking it all out... bathing suit is from Little Heiress
Doesn't she remind you of a classic movie star??

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Family You Need to Know

I first met this family last year about this time when Mom called me for some maternity pictures, and again when the little guy was just a couple of months old. Back in May, Mom contacted me again for one year portraits, but unfortunately, had some upsetting news. Dad had just been diagnosed with colon cancer, which had spread to his liver. She wanted to have another photo session, not just to mark her baby's first birthday, but also to bring up her husband's spirits and bring some joy to him.
If you want to know how to beat cancer, spend a day with this family. They know he will beat it. They laugh as much as possible, they love, they cuddle, they do the things they love, and only speak of how well he is doing and how he is beating cancer. It amazed me. I have no doubt in my mind after spending the day with them and keeping up with their blog, that Dad is going to beat this disease with flying colors.
Please if you could take a moment to pray for this wonderful family as they face this scary time, I know they would appreciate it!

I know Mom checks my blog every morning so I wanted to surprise her with an extra big sneak peek from our day.
Here is our little one year old - check out his AB/CD shirt! I want one! Isn't he adorable!!! With Daddy, eating Daddy's "Living Strong" bracelet
Part of the fun of the day was that Baby's Godparents came all the way from Alaska to visit, and got in on the fun!
Notice his wardrobe change..."My Dad is My Hero"...
Taking a timeout to take a few steps with his godmother.
After the outdoor shoot, we did something really fun and went back to their house for a big Louisiana tradition: cooking red beans and rice! I am told that this is an all day process, and I was lucky enough to get some red beans and rice for my own family that Mom had cooked up for us ahead of time. And it TASTED as great as it SMELLED cooking that day!! WOW!!! Thank you again D!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fall Sessions

I checked over my calendar today, and Fall Sessions are almost completely booked. I have one Saturday left through my deadline of November 3rd, the rest are all Wed/Fri dates. Please if you are on the Baby Plan or wanted to book a fall session in time for Holiday Cards, call or email ASAP so you don't end up on the waiting list!

Holiday Mini Sessions are going to be held on Saturday, October 13th, tentatively. These are limited 30 minute sessions for up to 2 subjects, held for the purpose of getting one or two images for Holiday cards and gifts. Session Fees are $125 and packages will be available. These book like wildfire, which is why I'm advertising them early to my blog readers. Please let me know if you want to hold a spot. I look forward to seeing all my "regulars" again this year!

All business aside, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!! My family is doing very well, baby is 9 months old and saying "Mama" to my absolute delight! The two oldest have been doing lots of swimming and rollerskating, and lots of driving Mom nuts (thank the good Lord it stopped raining everyday!) I am way behind as usual. I'm grateful as always for wonderful clients who understand what being a working mom entails. Thank you guys!!

I've also received lots of emails lately with more questions so will be planning up another Q&A here shortly. Send in your photography-related questions and I will answer them soon!


Monday, July 16, 2007

The number of sessions since last August is...

94 Sessions!! Congrats Debbie-I'll be emailing you :)

I was really surprised myself to go back and count because it feels like many many more...but between holidays, having a baby, and kid's sports games, I did about half as many this past year than last year. Interesting!

And here is one of those 94...sneak peek for this little rock star.

PS-I am still looking for an attorney and an interior decorator to barter with--please contact if you know someone!!

Driving his car...
Just being the rock star that he is!
Gorgeous Blue eyes to die for!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My 100th Post!

Well I've been blogging now for almost a year, and according to Blogger, this makes my 100th time to post in my blog. Woooo hooo!!

To celebrate I thought we'd have a fun little contest. Leave a comment with your guess on how many sessions I have done since last August, and the closest without going over will win a $10 gift certificate to Itunes, or choose a $10 gift card to Starbucks! Keep in mind I was on maternity leave for 6 weeks last year, and sessions with my own kids don't count. Be sure and leave me a way to contact you if you win!

Also don't forget the Reprint Sale is still going on through Saturday, so today and tomorrow are your last chance to save big time on prints from your past sessions!

And finally I have a huge sneak peek for a few patient clients.

First up are the most recent recipients of the Emily Project session! Kenzi was born with cerebral palsy, and her smile literally brought the sunshine from behind the clouds the evening of our session. We drove up to pouring rain and started the session with the most beautiful sunshine we could have asked for. It was a miracle! Thor is Kenzi's protective twin brother: watch out ladies, ok??

Next up are my old friends, who, sadly for me, are ending their baby plan with this session. We first met when Mom, who could have been a professional maternity model and is all over my website, was 7 months pregnant. Now here he is, just over a year old. Every session with him has been so fun and easy and I'm going to miss his sweet little smile every few months!

And last but CERTAINLY not least, the gorgeous one year old who happens to belong to one of my dearest and oldest friends. Joining her already wonderful big sister, I have already warned Dad that he is going to be in BIG TROUBLE someday!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

The Sale you all have been waiting for

Semi-Annual Reprint Sale!

25% off Large Prints (16x20 and larger)

20% off Canvas Prints (16x20 and larger)

15% off 20x10 collages

15% off all other print sizes

This offer is ONLY good for reprint orders, orders that are taken after an initial order from the session has already been made and fulfilled.

-not applicable with any other offer or discount
-Minimum order requirement of $200
-Offer good this week only-ends Saturday, July 14th at midnight.

Also---I have a unique situation right now where September, October, and November are almost booked, but August still has some availability. If you have older children who won't change much before December and wanted to do a Holiday Session with me this year, imagine having your Holiday Cards all taken care of in August!! Book your Holiday Session for the month of August and receive 25 additional Holiday cards when you order 50!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th!!

Fun to see some of you guys today out at the Plano parade!!! From my Treo:

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I hate to take any attention away from the last blog

...but this poor mom has been waiting so patiently for a sneak peek!! We did this session in the afternoon at about 3:30, had tons of bright sunshine coming in all the windows. Everything was perfect. Stopped to change baby's clothes, get a snack, and of course you can probably guess the rest of the clouds came from out of nowhere and boom, the sky opened up. Luckily at that point I had everything I needed.

By the way, this little guy was born the day after Maddy, and I think is probably double her height :)
With his gorgeous Mom
I have really had my fair share of babies with the gorgeous blue eyes lately!

Also wanted to let everyone know that we'll be closed for the 4th. Everyone be safe and have a great holiday with your families!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Update on an Emily Project Family

A few months ago I had the privilege of meeting The Freemans, my first ever recipients of the Emily Project. Many of you have asked me about how they are doing and what they can do to help, which is why I am writing today.

I took the Freeman's pictures back in March, and at that time, Bill, who has terminal throat cancer, was talking my ear off and at the worst just seemed a little tired. He was playing with his kids (who are only 11, 10, and 5), laughing, upbeat, and told me all sorts of stories about how God has seen him through this scary time.

The last update I gave was that Bill did not remember our photo session. Unfortunately things have continued to decline, fairly quickly, since that time.
The Freemans took a vacation at the beginning of June to the Grand Canyon. The day before they left, they received notice that they were losing their home (Bill owns his own business and is now unable to work). They went ahead on to the Grand Canyon, and the next day Bill had to be admitted to the hospital. He had surgery but things do not look good. They are trying to keep him comfortable. He is "home" now--I put that in quotes because the day the Freemans got back, they had to leave their home and move in with Cindy's father. During the move, their lawnmower was stolen, as well as the kids' brand new fishing poles that their grandparents had given them on vacation to lift their spirits. I know it sounds like a bad movie, but this is their reality right now. As I'm sure yours are, my heart is just completely broken for Cindy, who is trying to be strong and keep up her strength for her children, and also for those three sweet children who have now lost their fishing poles, their home, and soon, their father.

My family and friends collected money to give Target gift cards to the Freemans since the kids so desperately need clothes, and now with these latest developments, I am coming to you guys, my blog readers and clients and friends, to please rally together around this sweet family and pray. If you are able, please consider donating to help offset some of their expenses. A Paypal account has been setup for the family. To donate, just go to Paypal, click on "Send Money", and then send your payment to . I have over 300 blog hits per day...imagine if all 300 of you donated just $10 each...that would help so much with their medical bills, finding a new home, clothes for the children, and impending funeral expenses.

Before you donate, watch the Freeman's photo session slideshow so that you can see the family that you will be helping.

If nothing else, please pray for the three children during this impossible time. Cindy said the youngest, who is 5, climbed up into her lap at the hospital and just cried for hours. I cannot imagine what is going through his little 5 year old mind right now as he is experiencing all of this change and sadness.

If anyone you know is going through a similar situation as the Freemans, or have lost a loved one to cancer and you are in the DFW metroplex, here are some great resources we found that can help and give hope: