Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I hate to take any attention away from the last blog

...but this poor mom has been waiting so patiently for a sneak peek!! We did this session in the afternoon at about 3:30, had tons of bright sunshine coming in all the windows. Everything was perfect. Stopped to change baby's clothes, get a snack, and of course you can probably guess the rest of the story...black clouds came from out of nowhere and boom, the sky opened up. Luckily at that point I had everything I needed.

By the way, this little guy was born the day after Maddy, and I think is probably double her height :)
With his gorgeous Mom
I have really had my fair share of babies with the gorgeous blue eyes lately!

Also wanted to let everyone know that we'll be closed for the 4th. Everyone be safe and have a great holiday with your families!!

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Paige Kearin said...

Wow! What a beautiful family. You caught some great momenets. Thanks for sharing with me too. I really appreciated it!