Friday, July 27, 2007

Sneak Peeks

Well I got frustrated and just loaded a bunch of stuff onto a DVD and moved it all over to the laptop so I could share!

First up is a session I've been doing lots of lately-3 in 2 weeks actually! Grandparents with the grandkids, isn't that a fabulous idea? You will probably recognize three of these kiddos as possibly the most photographed children by Devine Memories Photography next to my own three :)

Trying to play catch up to their cousins, we had to take some of just these two alone-all I can say is, where have they been all my life???!!!
Grandma and Grandpa getting some alone time--if only you could have seen the chaos that was actually brewing around us at this moment!
And Robin, this one's for you!!!
And this session was with a very special client, who on her own has brought in so many referrals that I can't keep them all straight! I think she might even have referred the mom above...but I totally can't keep up!! Thank you D for being so popular :)!!!
This angelic little face will probably also be familiar to you readers, as she is "the face" of the Devine Memories Blog-the little ballerina at the top. Hasn't she grown in a year?

I think this was the favorite part of the session, twirling:
And look who is a new big sister!!!
Gorgeous Mom and her babies:
And new little brother, takin' a snooze.
Remember I will be out next week for my vacation (can I get a wooooo hooooo!) so all calls and emails received after Saturday will be returned the following week.


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Tonya Marie said...

What a great idea to have a grandparents and grandkids session.
Lovely images.

Jennie said...

You seem to really capture your subject's personalities. What do you say to them during the photo shoot to get them to pose in such a natural way?