Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Family You Need to Know

I first met this family last year about this time when Mom called me for some maternity pictures, and again when the little guy was just a couple of months old. Back in May, Mom contacted me again for one year portraits, but unfortunately, had some upsetting news. Dad had just been diagnosed with colon cancer, which had spread to his liver. She wanted to have another photo session, not just to mark her baby's first birthday, but also to bring up her husband's spirits and bring some joy to him.
If you want to know how to beat cancer, spend a day with this family. They know he will beat it. They laugh as much as possible, they love, they cuddle, they do the things they love, and only speak of how well he is doing and how he is beating cancer. It amazed me. I have no doubt in my mind after spending the day with them and keeping up with their blog, that Dad is going to beat this disease with flying colors.
Please if you could take a moment to pray for this wonderful family as they face this scary time, I know they would appreciate it!

I know Mom checks my blog every morning so I wanted to surprise her with an extra big sneak peek from our day.
Here is our little one year old - check out his AB/CD shirt! I want one! Isn't he adorable!!! With Daddy, eating Daddy's "Living Strong" bracelet
Part of the fun of the day was that Baby's Godparents came all the way from Alaska to visit, and got in on the fun!
Notice his wardrobe change..."My Dad is My Hero"...
Taking a timeout to take a few steps with his godmother.
After the outdoor shoot, we did something really fun and went back to their house for a big Louisiana tradition: cooking red beans and rice! I am told that this is an all day process, and I was lucky enough to get some red beans and rice for my own family that Mom had cooked up for us ahead of time. And it TASTED as great as it SMELLED cooking that day!! WOW!!! Thank you again D!!!


Becky Cooper Photography said...

I haven't had a chance to tell you how wonderful the information was that I received from you. I also log into your blog daily! I am touched by every story you post for the Emily Project ... but especially this one since you mentioned red beans & rice and Louisiana! I live north of New Orleans so just wanted to say ... great shot of the red beans! Goodluck to this family and all the others!

Denise said...

Deanna, you have done it again. These are so great! I so overwhelmed by them, I can't wait to see the rest!

You're so wonderful and talented!

Tonya Marie said...

Wow. What an amazing family!
Wonderful images and you really seem to capture their story.