Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Your Own Personal Paparrazzi

Wanted to tell everyone about a new package I am offering. I was inspired by Celebrity Baby Blog, one of my favorite blogs to check out in between proofing sessions. I was checking out some photos of Jennifer Garner and her daughter playing at the park, and I was thinking, what a cool plus side to being famous and having the paparazzi on you-she has these great pictures of herself and her daughter, just a day in their life. That sparked this idea:

Personal Paparazzi *new!*
Hire Deanna to be your own personal paparazzi! She will document children’s birthday parties, sports games, school plays, dance recitals, or just an ordinary day in your life with her famous photojournalistic flair! (does not include births) Available 2 ways:

-By the hour: $200/hour, 2 hour minimum. Prints and albums extra.
-As a package: $1050 Includes up to 4 hours of coverage, a Storybook Album, and a DVD slideshow of all the images. (a $1500 value) Additional prints will be discounted 15% off a la carte pricing.

Lots of interest on this package already so be sure and call as far in advance as possible to reserve your event date and time.

Hope everyone's staying dry out there! My son has had 6 baseball games scheduled so far and only played two!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another baby plan completed!

I'm so sad that this one is coming to an may recognize this beauty from my splash page of my website with her gorgeous Mommy. We started our Baby Plan when Bella was only 4 months old, and now she is a year and a half and such a cutie! She is actually quite an amazing child and I told Mom over and over that I think she is a genius...she speaks with the clarity of a 3 year old (actually, I could understand her a little better than my own 4 year old!) and loves to sing.

This family gets an extra big sneak peek for being so patient with me!
Here she is as a baby:

And now, more than a year later:

Thank you guys for letting me be a part of your lives for the past year, I will miss seeing Bella every few months!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Birth Sneak Peek, Closed for Memorial Day

Just a reminder that we will be closed this weekend and Monday for Memorial Day (I'll actually be relaxing on a girls' weekend with my friends, wooo hooo!)

And for my clients who I believe are still in the hospital with their sweeties, a sneak peek before I take off! Thank you guys for honoring me with the priveledge of being here for such an amazing, momentous occasion. It was truly my pleasure!!!

Mom in labor, explaining one more time to oldest sis when she can hold her babies:

After the emergency c-section, baby Lucy is here, safe and sound
Dad comforts Mom while Baby Mac is being cleaned up and cared for
Their first ever photo together:
Dad tells Big Sis that her babies are FINALLY here!

Baby Mac hangs on to Dad's finger in the NICU:
Mom sees Mac for the first time since delievery and soaks up every second
Mom gets to touch Baby Lucy's sweet little fingers before she is wheeled out of the NICU for the night.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Welcome Lucy and Mac

It was an incredible day!! I am just back from the hospital, where I was supposed to photograph the birth of twins for my client. After some very scary moments, and an emergency c-section that happened 6 minutes after a routine exam, baby Lucy and baby Mac came into this world screaming mad at around 4-5 pounds each. I wasn't expecting to photograph this birth until mid-June, so they were a tad early...but both are so healthy, not on ventilators, and mom even gets to hold and try to feed tomorrow. Because of the circumstances I wasn't able to photograph the exact moments of their birth, but did get the moments right after. I can't wait to begin working on these pictures and will share some very soon. I just wanted to congratulate Mom and Dad --they were amazing!!

Can you imagine doubling the amount of children you have in one day???

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Time flies

I first met this family back in 2004 when their sweet little baby girl was about 7 weeks old. Now here I sit shaking my head yet again at how fast time has gone by, and here she is, a little 2 year old lady! And now she has a baby brother who looks almost exactly like her when she was a baby.

Here is big sister from her baby pictures:

And here she is now, still cuddling with Daddy-not much has changed:
And here is sweet baby brother! He slept through most of our session, which was perfect because it made cuddling so much easier!!

Big sister looks on lovingly as lil' one snoozes:

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy 3 years to me!

**note** Pam and I always answer emails within 24-48 hours of receiving them. If you email me and do not hear back within that time period, I did not receive your message. You can call me at 972-596-5500. Also, because of my last name, my emails sometimes go into spam filters, so be sure and check your spam folder if you have not heard from me.**

I'm sitting here at my desk this evening filling out birthday cards for past clients who are having birthdays in the upcoming months, and I began feeling so melancholy when I saw how big some of them are getting. One 5 month old baby I shot for the cover of Baby Dallas is soon turning 3, two siblings that I have known since before the youngest was born are turning 8 and 6...where does the time go? Sometimes I have a bad day and feel very frustrated; that my work is trivial and meaningless...then I think back to the moments of capturing a 2 week old baby and then seeing him again for his 3rd birthday, and it hits me again why I love this job and why it is, indeed, important. One client once told me, "When I look back at his newborn pictures, it's like I can feel again what it was like to hold him at only 7 pounds, I can feel him melting into my chest again...what a treasure considering that now he runs from me at every opportunity."

This month marks 3 years since I quit my dayjob as a preschool director to follow this crazy dream full-time. If you ever get me alone for about half an hour, ask me to tell you the story (or read the condensed version here). In celebration of those of you who have stuck by me through thick and thin, especially those of you who have been there since $5 5x7's and $25 sitting fees :), I honor you with this look back :


2007 20042007
2004 2006 20052006
2005 2007 2005

Newborn-1yrNewborn-1yr And just for my own fun, my kids...2004-G's first birthday and my first digital images M, age 5- 20042003-still using film here!
2007, just M&G (baby was asleep), 8 and 4

Friday, May 11, 2007

Thank you!

Thanks so much everyone who came out to the Shops at Starwood today. Congratulations to my new friends who won the $150 gift certificate and also to my client Robin, who after lamenting all morning about not winning anything, got the call later that she had won the biggest prize of all- diamond earrings!! Happy Mother's Day to her! :) I managed to win some Rough Riders tickets and got an autograped t-shirt from the Rough Riders for my son, and then of course shopped Little Heiress for these outfits I just couldn't resist.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day ladies, I hope you get to kick back and relax!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Exciting Updates to website

**I had a cancellation this weekend if anyone is interested in booking for this Saturday. This will be one of very few Saturdays I have available until July. Please let me know ASAP**

Well folks, I finally have leapt into the new millenium and updated my website with a new flash gallery! Lots of updated pictures to see, so please go take a look and let me know what you think!

Don't forget to join me tomorrow (Friday) at The Shops at Starwood for the Hats off for Cancer event! Bring a new hat for a child undergoing cancer treatments, and enter to win some cool prizes, including a gift certificate for $150 PLUS a $100 gift certificate to Little Heiress. We'll be there from 11-1 and I'd love to see you all. It would also be a great time to sign up for Father's Day Mini sessions and use your 20% discount for your outfit at Little Heiress!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing all of you Moms out there a wonderful Mother's Day!!

I have had the pleasure of photographing some of the greatest moms in the metroplex and across the country, and wanted to celebrate all of you again this year:

Mother's Day Slideshow

Mother's Day gift certificates are still available! Please call 972-596-5500 or email us at to have yours in time for the weekend!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Before I know it, she'll be asking to borrow my car

It is SO UNFAIR how fast the first 6 months of their lives go by. I mean, wasn't I just pregnant? I don't even remember, 6 months later, what she looked like as a newborn. Although I have to say, I am relieved to be sleeping at night again, and we just passed a major milestone- her first two teeth! She cries only when she is tired, hungry, or needs a diaper, other than that she is content to sit back and play with toys all day. She is about to crawl away and if any of us put her down long enough, she just might. I love her with every ounce of my being, every piece of my beautiful baby daughter.

And can I brag on my son...

He was the lead in his school play about Mozart last evening. He brought the house down...I am so proud. I only wish someone would have taken a picture of my proud, tear-stained face :)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Help wanted

If anyone knows of a nanny/sitter that could work for me on Fridays from 9-3, and then occasionally weekdays when needed-I am desperate! I can't believe how quickly the end of school snuck up on me!! Here's my "ad":

I am looking for a part-time nanny or sitter for the summer months. Duties would be caring for my 3 children ages 8, 4, and baby (6 months) on Fridays from 9-3 and some additional weekdays when needed for the months of June, July, and August (and a couple of weeks in May).
I am looking for someone who will be active with my children and not just supervise them, someone who doesn't mind a little light cleaning (just helping the kids pick up their mess and dishes), can make lunch, and possibly take the kids on walks to the park. Must have a valid drivers license as some picking up will be necessary.
College or mature high school students, or nannies who are off for the summer would be perfect. Please email me for more details or to set up an interview.

Please if you know of anyone email me at or call 972-596-5500. Thanks!!