Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy 3 years to me!

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I'm sitting here at my desk this evening filling out birthday cards for past clients who are having birthdays in the upcoming months, and I began feeling so melancholy when I saw how big some of them are getting. One 5 month old baby I shot for the cover of Baby Dallas is soon turning 3, two siblings that I have known since before the youngest was born are turning 8 and 6...where does the time go? Sometimes I have a bad day and feel very frustrated; that my work is trivial and meaningless...then I think back to the moments of capturing a 2 week old baby and then seeing him again for his 3rd birthday, and it hits me again why I love this job and why it is, indeed, important. One client once told me, "When I look back at his newborn pictures, it's like I can feel again what it was like to hold him at only 7 pounds, I can feel him melting into my chest again...what a treasure considering that now he runs from me at every opportunity."

This month marks 3 years since I quit my dayjob as a preschool director to follow this crazy dream full-time. If you ever get me alone for about half an hour, ask me to tell you the story (or read the condensed version here). In celebration of those of you who have stuck by me through thick and thin, especially those of you who have been there since $5 5x7's and $25 sitting fees :), I honor you with this look back :


2007 20042007
2004 2006 20052006
2005 2007 2005

Newborn-1yrNewborn-1yr And just for my own fun, my kids...2004-G's first birthday and my first digital images M, age 5- 20042003-still using film here!
2007, just M&G (baby was asleep), 8 and 4

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Tonya Marie said...

Congrats on 3 years! And what a great look back with all of those beautiful images.