Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another baby plan completed!

I'm so sad that this one is coming to an end...you may recognize this beauty from my splash page of my website with her gorgeous Mommy. We started our Baby Plan when Bella was only 4 months old, and now she is a year and a half and such a cutie! She is actually quite an amazing child and I told Mom over and over that I think she is a genius...she speaks with the clarity of a 3 year old (actually, I could understand her a little better than my own 4 year old!) and loves to sing.

This family gets an extra big sneak peek for being so patient with me!
Here she is as a baby:

And now, more than a year later:

Thank you guys for letting me be a part of your lives for the past year, I will miss seeing Bella every few months!!

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