Thursday, May 24, 2007

Welcome Lucy and Mac

It was an incredible day!! I am just back from the hospital, where I was supposed to photograph the birth of twins for my client. After some very scary moments, and an emergency c-section that happened 6 minutes after a routine exam, baby Lucy and baby Mac came into this world screaming mad at around 4-5 pounds each. I wasn't expecting to photograph this birth until mid-June, so they were a tad early...but both are so healthy, not on ventilators, and mom even gets to hold and try to feed tomorrow. Because of the circumstances I wasn't able to photograph the exact moments of their birth, but did get the moments right after. I can't wait to begin working on these pictures and will share some very soon. I just wanted to congratulate Mom and Dad --they were amazing!!

Can you imagine doubling the amount of children you have in one day???

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Anonymous said...

tears! :) beautiful sweet babies! congratulations