Thursday, August 28, 2008

Holiday Cards...drumroll please

I don't suppose anyone wants to see this year's designs, do ya?? *grin*

Then click HERE

and email us for pricing. You can use a past session for your cards as long as it's from this past year!

This year's cards are all 5x7 linen cardstock, with a pearl upgrade available (no more photo paper). The paper combined with this year's designs mean a top of the line holiday card for your loved ones!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Plea

I have found that one of the greatest rewards to having this blog is being able to help a friend in need when the need arises.

Denise and I first met when she hired me to come and take maternity photos just a few weeks before the arrival of Baby Ethan. I have since seen them each year to celebrate his growth and the strength and love of their family. Truly, everytime I am near Denise and Christopher, I am amazed at their love and devotion not only to Ethan, but to each other.

As mentioned previously in this blog, Christopher was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in 2007. He has undergone chemo relentlessly since the diagnosis, and continues to work 60+ hour work weeks. Denise has never once asked anyone for anything, IN FACT, when I make these posts for others, even after Christopher's diagnosis, she has always been THE FIRST to ask how she can help, make a donation, or send a kind word. And now it is our chance to repay her kindness.

Two ways to help: Denise and her friend Amber happen to be amazing graphic designers, and their business Socially Inked has just been launched. I personally am using Denise as my go-to designer with all of my needs, as she is INCREDIBLY talented. If you are looking for the top quality, cutting edge design invitations or birth announcements, contact her. You will not be disappointed.

AND, for my clients only, I will give a 20% discount on the one-time-use fee for digital files when you use Socially Inked for your announcements and cards!

Second, Denise and Christopher's friend Amber has created a website where you can donate. If you can, please help them out. (click here)


(and thank you so much for all the nice emails about yesterday's post :) )

Monday, August 25, 2008

Welcome Back

Hey everyone,
I'm writing to you from bed as I have had some wicked, unexplainable illness since last Wednesday evening that has kept me from doing much of anything. It may have been sort of a blessing in disguise as it kept me distracted from today, which anyone who knows me knows I have been dreading for well, five and a half years... Gabby's first day of Kindergarten! (Gabby is my middle, sensitive child)

I have to apologize to anyone who ran into me this morning at school. Aside from looking atrocious from having not moved from my bed in 5 days straight, I was holding back an emotional volcano that was on the brink of erupting, and did erupt ungracefully when my baby girl took her seat at her table and began to write her name on her paper. I could not hold back the "Ugly Cry". Gabby thought this humorous and just giggled at me (did I just call her sensitive?), but hey, I must have looked pretty pathetic. It's just that now, 2 of 3 of my babies are truly no longer babies. She is no longer with me the majority of the day, but rather in the care of others for 7 hours a day. It's an indescribable feeling and it's as if I'm watching another one slip through my fingers, slowly but surely.
I'm hoping to at least get some office work done tomorrow after a dr. visit but I may be slow answering emails and calls, so I do apologize in advance for any inconvenience.
Anyways enjoy some (unedited, sorry) pics of my kids' first day and I hope all of yours went just as well.
(PS-If anyone has an MD recommendation in the Plano area, I'm looking for a good general practioner/family physician-

D (We actually drove them, this was just for dramatic effect)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Perfect Equation

Gorgeous family + Perfectly lit house/morning light + happy kids = THE perfect photo session!
I sware that I said to my assistant as we were driving away...that was like the pinnacle of photo sessions...everything was perfect.

Big sis even drew a spot-on portrait of me just before I left, and it's still sitting in my office and makes me smile :)
They just made it all too easy.
We just had to dress up as princesses and play dolls...
And even got to hang on Mom and Dad's bed.

The perfect day!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another Baby Plan Complete!

I totally cannot believe that this baby plan could be over...Natalie, what will I do without seeing you guys every few months? Who will I give all of my unsolicited advice to? LOL

Just one short year ago, here was Baby Kate's debut at less than 2 weeks old:

I remember warning her how fast the year would go by, and she would be so glad she went with the Baby Plan. I'm even amazed at how fast it went by.
We ended with a bang in the 100 degree TX sun, nothing like it!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Holiday Info

Well I had a big post planned w/ info on Holiday Mini Sessions, but the emails and calls have been coming in and I now only have 2 spots left!

Again, Holiday Minis are quick 15-30 minute sessions for up to 2 subjects. A "mini" version of a full session, the sessions take place back to back at one outdoor location. Mini Sessions will have 10-15 images to choose from in an online gallery, and discounted packages are available.

Saturday, October 11th 8:30am-12n
Plano, TX (location TBD)
$150 sitting fee, additional subjects are $30 each
Packages begin at $495 and will include Holiday Cards
As with full sessions, there is a $500 minimum order requirement

Please call or email ASAP if you want to book one of the last 2 available spots. Sessions will be booked on a first-come first-serve basis.


With the upcoming season booking at record speed, it is more important than ever to get those retainer payments to us as soon as possible. "Penciled in" bookings will automatically be bumped without warning after 72 hours. Book your session with a Visa or MC to ensure you don't lose your place!

And finally, a sneak peak of one of this year's Holiday Card Designs! More to come next week.

This is a 5x7 folded horizontal card. The front:

The inside spread:
And the back

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another Sneak for another waiting Baby Planner

Could you just eat him up?!?!?!? His second of 4 sessions as well...

*sigh* I love my life.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Baby Chloe

Where have I been????

Working like crazy, trying to get caught up, so I can cherish every second with my middle daughter Gabby before she starts KINDERGARTEN in 2 weeks. The thought of it is absolutely breaking my heart, and if I seem a little sad after August 25th, this is likely the reason why.

Anyways, on to a sneak peek that is long overdue of sweet Baby Chloe. Many more sneak peeks to follow as I am once again on my way to being caught up!!

(are you starting to see a pattern here??)

This was Session 2 of Chloe's Baby Plan, and we decided we needed some snuggly shots with Daddy this time. Chloe was more than happy to oblige!

Hmmmm, I think I am a Daddy's girl!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I'm Back!

It has been a crazy week. New York was wonderful, getting back to Dallas was a huge pain, and my family has been having a pretty rough week since then, so I haven't been around the office much. Mikey was sick and had to have bloodwork done (everything came back normal, thank God) , Gabby broke out in purple splotchy hives all over in a matter of 3 minutes, Maddy is well, Maddy, my cel phone was stolen (it's currently turned off in case anyone tries to call it) in Newark airport, etc etc etc. I think at this point I've returned all phone calls and emails and starting to feel semi-normal again so...back to the grindstone!!
Over the next few weeks I am taking less sessions to gear up for this year's holiday season! In the coming posts I'll be sharing this year's Holiday Card designs, more info on Holiday Mini Sessions, and important info about the upcoming season.
There is still weekday availability for the holiday season if you are wanting to book, the sooner the better as I anticipate to be full through November by the end of this month.
So, let me be the first to say Happy Holidays, everyone!