Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Just a reminder to anyone who needs me before the holidays that Friday will be my last working day. I will be shutting off the computer/email/phone for 4 weeks to spend time with my children and family and will not be available until January 11th. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time.

I love all of you and wish you all the happiest of holidays with the ones that you love.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The true spirit of Christmas

First of all, congratulations to the family of our little sleeping star baby, whose image got the most votes for image of the year!

I had the absolute coolest thing happen to me tonight. I opened my door to yell at some construction workers who were working on our street at 9 pm, look down, and noticed a little package and card sitting on my doorstep. I decided to forego the yelling out of curiousity :)

I opened the letter and saw this:

"December 2007

Dear Deanna,
This holiday season our family is celebrating the people who have decorated our lives with the light of Jesus Christ. You are one of these people. We have noticed that you are a very caring and thoughtful person. You are very generous with your time, talents and resources. You have a great capacity for love that causes you to reach out to those who are suffering. We admire you for the way you offer your heart to others. Thank you for being an example to our family and showing us how to be more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas!

Your Friends"

I cry as I type this letter out to you guys. I hope that whomever left this on my doorstep is reading this right now, because if I could give you the most giant hug, I would. It meant more to me at this time in my life than you could ever know and I can't thank you and your family enough. I will keep this letter close to me always and read it countless times. I've never experienced such a gift before and I am truly, truly grateful.

I share this with my readers to "pay it forward"...maybe this will spark an idea for you to do something kind with your children to show them the true meaning and joy of Christmas. Such a thoughtful gesture could go so much further than you will ever know.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

In Memoriam

I have sad news today. One of our Emily Project families said goodbye this afternoon to their loved one much much too soon.

Nancy Pinnell fought a very hard fight against her cancer and unfortunately, the cancer took over her body in what seemed like a very short amount of time. Krista, Nancy's daughter, is a friend of mine and I am devastated for her and the entire family. Krista we all love you and are praying for you, your family, and your Dad.

Mr. Pinnell wrote this today on his updates via Nancy's Caring Bridge page:

"This is the one update we all dreaded the most.
It with a mixture of so many emotions from grief to joy that I tell you that Gibby went to be with the angels and her God at about 1:00 PM today.
She fought the good fight and we all got to say goodbye to her for the last couple of days. Our pastor Ron Henderson came this morning and we all shared a prayer and some scripture with her. As she passed, she was surrounded by family and some of her closest friends. As always, she had it organized down to the last detail.....
Words fail me now in my ability to tell you how much she meant to me and to this world and how she touched so many lives.
She would want me to tell you all thank you and goodbye. A class lady to the end."

I know that Krista and her family would appreciate all your prayers, not just now but in the next few weeks when the shock wears off and they must face reality without her.
Gibby will be missed by so many. God bless you guys.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Limited Hours

Hello everyone,

Just a reminder to please continue voting in the contest below! The first and second positions are within 20 votes of each other right now, it has been a close race to watch! I'm astounded at the number of votes, about 1200 as of this writing! Wow!

Also, my baby has somehow managed to come down with RSV and is very sick. I am limiting my office time so that I can care for her, so phone calls and emails may not be returned right away per our norm. However, if you do not hear back from me within 48 hours of email, please call or email again as I may not have received it.

Hope you are all enjoying this blast of winter that seems to fit the Christmas season so nicely.


Monday, December 10, 2007


We will be closing the Image of the Year 2007 contest on Saturday night at midnight.

It's super-close so every vote counts!!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

It's that time again- IMAGE OF 2007!

It's time once again for you, the readers, to vote for your favorite Devine Memories Photography Image from 2007!

The finalists were chosen by me as images I am personally proud of and would put on my website. Your job is to vote for the image you think is best according to this criteria:

1-It jumps out at you
2-Tugs at your heartstrings or makes you feel emotion
3-It defines the Devine Memories Photography style

The image chosen as this year's Image of the Year will be featured prominently on my website, and the subjects featured in the image will win a complimentary 8x10 of the image and a $50 gift certificate. The runner up will also receive a complimentary 8x10 of their image.

Here are this year's finalist, and you can vote below:

#1-Big Sister Kisses Baby Brother

#2-Little Girl Smells Flowers

#3-Gorgeous Couple Expecting

#4-Baby Girl in Tutu

#5-Baby in Stars Smiles in Sleep

#6-Beautiful Mommy Snuggles with Baby

#7-Baby in Green Chair Reads Book

#8-Sisters Snuggling on the Steps

#9-Sister Leads Brother

#10-Newborn Baby Sleeps You can vote only once, but if you feel strongly about an image, invite your friends and family to come vote too!

Gift Idea!

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