Saturday, December 15, 2007

In Memoriam

I have sad news today. One of our Emily Project families said goodbye this afternoon to their loved one much much too soon.

Nancy Pinnell fought a very hard fight against her cancer and unfortunately, the cancer took over her body in what seemed like a very short amount of time. Krista, Nancy's daughter, is a friend of mine and I am devastated for her and the entire family. Krista we all love you and are praying for you, your family, and your Dad.

Mr. Pinnell wrote this today on his updates via Nancy's Caring Bridge page:

"This is the one update we all dreaded the most.
It with a mixture of so many emotions from grief to joy that I tell you that Gibby went to be with the angels and her God at about 1:00 PM today.
She fought the good fight and we all got to say goodbye to her for the last couple of days. Our pastor Ron Henderson came this morning and we all shared a prayer and some scripture with her. As she passed, she was surrounded by family and some of her closest friends. As always, she had it organized down to the last detail.....
Words fail me now in my ability to tell you how much she meant to me and to this world and how she touched so many lives.
She would want me to tell you all thank you and goodbye. A class lady to the end."

I know that Krista and her family would appreciate all your prayers, not just now but in the next few weeks when the shock wears off and they must face reality without her.
Gibby will be missed by so many. God bless you guys.

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