Thursday, September 28, 2006

Going out with a bang

For my last post before I start maternity leave....(have I mentioned I'm having a baby??!!!) I decided I'd give you all a little taste of what I have been working on night and day the past few weeks...the reason why I don't answer when you call :)

Also, our induction date has Saturday, October 7th is now the official big day, 8AM. We'll have pictures posted ASAP!

The office is going to be closed next week, and then Pam will be here beginning Oct. 11th on M/W only. Call her at the office or email her at if you need anything. She is taking appointments for after my leave is over, placing orders, packaging orders and arranging deliveries, and answering questions. We appreciate your patience during this transition!!

Anyways, here is a tiny little piece of what my past few weeks have been filled with:

Birthday boys chasing cars...

Families who are nuts about their new babies:

Daddies and their boys:

Beauties who have grown up in front of my lens in fabulous clothes:

More birthday boys with the sweetest faces and moody lighting:

And even some (ok one) teenage beauties (this is Pam's daughter!)

I'll miss you all and will keep in touch with lots of pictures of Maddy!


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Last chance :)

It's Sunday night and I have exactly 5 days of work left. 5 days, 14 hours, 13 minutes... just kidding. I'm a little delirious from the hours I have been putting in to make this maternity leave happen.

So anyways, if you need anything directly from me, need input from me on an order, or just want to come by and see how freakishly huge my belly has become, this week is your last chance! Better yet, I'll save you a trip-here's last week's photo (how am I still standing upright???)-

After Friday anything you need from Devine Memories Photography will be handled on Mondays and Wednesdays (beginning October 9th) by Pam Bowers. On those days, she will be returning phone calls and emails, placing orders, and calling you to pick up orders. She will also be taking appointments for me for when I return from leave. I am already almost completely booked up for my first few weeks back so if you are wanting to see me before 2007, it's probably a good idea to call early.

I truly appreciate everyone being so accomodating to allow me this time to be with my new baby and my precious family. And yes I promise to poke my head in here and post pictures after she is born. We are being induced a week from Thursday-- October 5th, and we would appreciate any prayers and happy thoughts you can send our way that day!

Again, I will not be available at all between September 30th and November 15th, so if you need me , please call me this week!! Don't say I didn't warn you :)


Monday, September 18, 2006

More September Cuties

Boy has it been a busy month! I'm finishing up shooting and officially scheduled for my induction on Thursday, October 5th and I'm shooting through September 29th. Yes, I know, I'm crazy!! But honestly, my tummy hasn't been near as in the way as I thought it would. My biggest obstacle right now is that I am nesting like crazy and don't have time to actually act on it! I can't believe Maddy will be here in 2 weeks, how fast has time flown by this third time around.

I will update again soon with more info on how long I'll be out, how to place orders and schedule appointments while I'm gone, etc...until then, here's some recent September cuties!!

(FYI-I sware I really do take pictures of boys too...I had a shoot with 2 today...coming soon!)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Seeing Double

A couple of weeks ago I had an odd thing happen. I booked two sets of twins, both boy and girl sets, both living within a mile of each other, in the same afternoon. The first pair were two little angels who were just weeks old, born a little early in the heat of the summer. The second pair were two sweethearts whom I had met when THEY were only weeks old, born a little early, now turning two years old. I laughed with each mom about the coincidence and told them all about the other twins- So here's a sneak peak for you guys of your August afternoon.

First up were my newborns...a delicate little rose named Caroline and her rugged, all-boy brother, William. These little guys also have a bigger brother who is featured all over my website and knows my camera well. They are signed up for the Baby Plan and hopefully will
grow to adore the camera as much as big brother does!! I arrived at the home to find both of them sleeping peacefully, swaddled and close together. That's William in the front.

Having a conversation of sorts:

Next up were my two year old "pros". Their personalities have held true since the first time I met them back in 2004, when they were tiny babies. Reese is the animated, talkative sister and Collin is reserved and laid back. They adore each other and their Mommy and Daddy too.

We spent a little time indoors first trying to capture a typical twin kiss:

These kids are on the go and were ready to hit the outdoors and cool off in their pool:

And the afternoon wouldn't have been complete without sister chasing brother with the waterhose:

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

For this year's clients-HOLIDAY CARD SALE

September 6th-September 16th, 2006

For my 2006 clients:

15% off all Holiday Card prices
Complimentary Collage Style or Metallic upgrade with purchase of 75+ cards

10% off 5x7 and 8x10 prints (for gift-giving!)

-This offer is ONLY good for reprint orders, orders that are taken after an initial order from the session has already been made.
-not applicable with any other offer
-Minimum order requirement of $200
-not good with any other offer or discount

Download Holiday Prices 2006 here (Adobe Acrobat required):

Download Holiday Card Designs here (Adobe Acrobat required):


Friday, September 01, 2006

Closed for Labor Day

Hi everyone,
Just a reminder that my office will be closed Saturday, Sept. 2nd, through Monday, Sept. 4th in observance of Labor Day (how appropriate for me). I'll be back on Tuesday.

Have a wonderful long weekend!