Monday, September 18, 2006

More September Cuties

Boy has it been a busy month! I'm finishing up shooting and officially scheduled for my induction on Thursday, October 5th and I'm shooting through September 29th. Yes, I know, I'm crazy!! But honestly, my tummy hasn't been near as in the way as I thought it would. My biggest obstacle right now is that I am nesting like crazy and don't have time to actually act on it! I can't believe Maddy will be here in 2 weeks, how fast has time flown by this third time around.

I will update again soon with more info on how long I'll be out, how to place orders and schedule appointments while I'm gone, etc...until then, here's some recent September cuties!!

(FYI-I sware I really do take pictures of boys too...I had a shoot with 2 today...coming soon!)

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