Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Seeing Double

A couple of weeks ago I had an odd thing happen. I booked two sets of twins, both boy and girl sets, both living within a mile of each other, in the same afternoon. The first pair were two little angels who were just weeks old, born a little early in the heat of the summer. The second pair were two sweethearts whom I had met when THEY were only weeks old, born a little early, now turning two years old. I laughed with each mom about the coincidence and told them all about the other twins- So here's a sneak peak for you guys of your August afternoon.

First up were my newborns...a delicate little rose named Caroline and her rugged, all-boy brother, William. These little guys also have a bigger brother who is featured all over my website and knows my camera well. They are signed up for the Baby Plan and hopefully will
grow to adore the camera as much as big brother does!! I arrived at the home to find both of them sleeping peacefully, swaddled and close together. That's William in the front.

Having a conversation of sorts:

Next up were my two year old "pros". Their personalities have held true since the first time I met them back in 2004, when they were tiny babies. Reese is the animated, talkative sister and Collin is reserved and laid back. They adore each other and their Mommy and Daddy too.

We spent a little time indoors first trying to capture a typical twin kiss:

These kids are on the go and were ready to hit the outdoors and cool off in their pool:

And the afternoon wouldn't have been complete without sister chasing brother with the waterhose:

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Tonya Marie said...

Oh WOW! You captured them so well.