Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another Sneak for another waiting Baby Planner

Could you just eat him up?!?!?!? His second of 4 sessions as well...

*sigh* I love my life.


Natalie said...

You are plugging away now! Bless your heart....always tough playing catch up! I am so anxious to see Kate's pics! She has had a runny nose and been running a low-grade temp on and off. I was worried since she wasn't her smiley self while we were with you....but I know there will be some good ones! Hope the meeting of the teacher will help ease the pain of Gabby growing up....she will be so excited to to to school! I know I will be devastated when that time comes....like how could you leave me?!?!?!? Anyway....talk to you soon!!!!


Devine Memories Photography said...

Hers ROCK. The camera loves your child!!!!!