Friday, June 27, 2008

Party like a Rock+Star

Every now and parents will call me up and say "We want something really different".
"How different??" is my first question.

Only one has said SURE!!! when I threw out "How 'bout we take your little kid down to Deep Ellum? We PROBABLY won't get mugged!"

But Denise and Christopher are cool like that. :) Denise, being a fellow artiste, can appreciate that sometimes we must go to great lengths for the sake of art.

After a tough year , the goal was to Party Like a RockStar for lil' Ethan's 2nd we found us a rock, we found us some stars, and we partied with our pretzels and blankie in tow.

Ethan taking the RockStar term a bit literally

"Bumpin'" with Dad You know sometimes, you just gotta sneak a nap in when you can.

SHOUTOUT to my awesome buddy Jen for the location info!!!
Stay tuned because next time I'm proving to all of you that Deep Ellum is just peachy by taking my own kid out there with his drums and guitar for his very own rock star session!


Tonya Marie said...

Great location. Loving the stars. Happy Birthday Ethan.

Denise said...

ROCK ON! I can't wait to order the one with Ethan sitting on the rock.

Oh my little Rock + Star - we love him so! You Rock - thanks for the great photos and we can't wait to see the rest!