Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Few random things--

First of all, I am frantically, frantically, frantically (wow after spelling that three times I don't think it's right) trying to catch up before my vacation, which technically was supposed to start YESTERDAY but looks like won't happen til, oh, I'm on the plane next Tuesday. So here's just a quick check-in with you guys:

-I'm working on a big sneak peek so that everyone who has had a recent session can at least see a little sumthin' before I leave
-I'm currently 7 sessions behind. I know. I don't know how it happens.
-Did you know Aaron Brothers is currently having their Buy One Get one for a Penny sale? I wait all year for that sucker
-Although Destin is a working vacation, after I shoot I am taking the rest of the week off with my family and won't be available through email or phone until the following week.
-I am currently booking for September. I do not have any availability the rest of the summer although a waiting list is available.
-Lots of people asking about workshops-we are working on "mini" parent workshops throughout the year, details to come

I love all of you so much for being so supportive and understanding, and giving me the most succesful year I've ever had so far! Looking forward to the next 6 months!

That's it! If you need me be sure you call/email by this weekend or you'll have to wait a bit!

:) D

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Franklin5 said...

Can't wait to see your pictures of those gorgeous sugar-white beaches and turquoise waters... sigh. Hope y'all have a WONDERFUL vacation!