Monday, July 21, 2008

Back- Sort of. Pretend I'm not.

So I'm back from my "break" and feeling yes, a little more rested than last Monday. Thank you to everyone for allowing me the additional time off!!

I know lots of you are anxious for your prints, your emails returned, your phone calls returned, your sessions to be proofed, your orders to be placed, and your sneak peeks to be posted...and I am doing the best I can to catch up. I promise I have not forgotten any of you and am working my way down a very long list, so I definetly appreciate your continued patience!!

Today I am working on returning messages and getting fall sessions booked, and I'll spend the rest of the week catching up on editing sessions and getting orders packaged up and ready to go, etc.

FYI--: only one Saturday left for the entire holiday season. (Sept-Nov) booked! We're currently booking weekdays . The cutoff for sessions with prints needed in time for the holidays is November 1st, after that prints cannot be guaranteed in time for the holidays without a rush fee.
And finally because I haven't posted a picture yet, a couple of my kiddos in Rosemary Beach. No beach pictures because Maddy, my youngest, wouldn't come within 3 feet of the sand the entire trip--she was terrified of it and would scream (ear bleeding shreeks, really) if I tried to put her near it. Oh, well...the joys of vacation with a toddler.

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