Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Falling Behind Again

I've had a few emails and phone calls from you guys and I'll be personally returning all of them but just wanted to update here

(I hope my husband's boss is reading this) *sticking my tongue out*
In case you haven't been following my Twitter over there in the corner, my husband's job has him working literally 18-20 hour days, including weekends, right now on a project for the past few weeks. I am basically a single mom right now trying to run my business and take care of three out-of-school kids, one of which has a nasty tummy bug and is sick on the couch at the moment. Without him here I have had virtually no time to work. My backup plan of using my sitter service is out since my son is sick, so I'm kind of a sitting duck at the moment.

My assistants have been wonderful and the only thing I'm really super behind on is proofing-about 9 clients behind at the moment. Orders that have been placed are still being processed and everything else is running according to schedule.

Thanks so much for all of your patience and support as I know that you guys out there can relate!!


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Amy Barry said...

Hugs Deanna! I have been there MANY MANY times and I know the stress. Yikes about the 9 sessions. One day at a time...