Friday, June 20, 2008

Leah and Todd plus 4

I haven't been doing many sneak peeks here lately (see my previous post) but had to get one up for this special family. After all, it isn't everyday you are allowed to be part of a baby's birth, but a year ago I was so honored to do just that for the big arrival of twins Lucy and Mac! And now they are a year old and all over the place, chasing big sisters Sadie and Kelty around the house and determined to make the house the most exciting place on earth. I absolutely adore these guys and wouldn't make the trek out to E. Texas for just anyone!! :)

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Kim G said...

This is a magical time for some special friends and all those sweet kiddos. The tutu on the trike is to die for. Leah & Tod will cherish these memories forever. Love!