Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Coming out of the Closet

Fellow 30-something female bloggers everywhere (like Angela and Rachel) have done it bravely before me, and so I will follow suit:


Ahh, that felt good to get off my chest.

I am supposed to be working yet instead am sitting here trying to figure out if I know someone who has an American Express card I can use to get seats with the Amex Presale

Every closet NKOTB fan has a story, and here is mine:

New Kids On the Block were my first ever concert. At age 12, I worked for months doing chores for my parents to earn my $20 ticket. I went with my friend April (are you out there April?) and my Aunt Gena, and we sat ohhhh, about 1 row away. From the back wall in the nosebleed section, that is. And we were rockin' the black hats and sparkly vests by the way.

My walls were wallpapered in NKOTB posters, mostly of Joe. I had every button, tshirt, tape, (is this aging me drastically?) My weekly allowance bought every Tiger Beat with them in it and I saved every interview they did. I learned how to work the family VCR by recording every single one of their tv performances. And yes, I'll even take it a step further....I memorized ALL of their dance moves. I admit it, I was a total groupie.

Now I'm 31 years old and I'll admit, their greatest hits cd doesn't get a whole lot of play on my cd player. Their songs didn't age as well as they did. But when I heard about the reunion tour...I was interested...and so I watched their Today Show appearance and found myself (God this is embarrassing) in tears and holding back *squeals*. Are they THAT great??? Nah. It was that I was 12 years old again, with the same sights and sounds coming into my senses as if nothing had changed, for that moment.

And that is the reason that I will be paying top dollar to sit up close to my old friends Joe, Jordan, Donnie, Jon, and Danny. No nosebleeds for me this time around!!!

It's a sentimental thing :)

And by the way, if you haven't downloaded their new song "Summertime" on Itunes--seriously--it's GREAT! And I want to send a shout out to my friends Elise, Sara, Jamilynn, and Haley, who were my co-BlockHeads throughout middle school. If you're out there girls, this one;s for you:


Miss Ava said...

Don't be embarrassed. You and thousands of other girls had the same exact reaction. The younger generation is about to get hit hard by the NKOTB phenomenon and I cannot WAIT to throw their rockin' new album in the faces of those critics! Have fun at the concert, girl!

http://www.melissamillerphotos.typepad.com/ said...

cracking me up, as I was part of the NKOTB era! We used to try to tape the songs straight from radio (before itunes and CD's fixed that!)

Natalie said...

Oh My Goodness!!! I should have known you were going to the concert too! And I should have known that "our very first concert" would have been the same!!! I went with my friend, her mom, my dad and my sister! My mom was pregnant...again...and couldn't take us. (ha ha ha) Good stuff.....I will be there too! A couple of my girlfriends were fired up to go...and I agreed to join them!!! I recently broke a coffee mug after watching the Today Show trying to remember how to do one of their dance moves...ha ha....will have to explain later!

Rachel Absher said...

I am so proud of you for coming out!! lol
I so need to find someone to go with me!!!