Monday, July 16, 2007

The number of sessions since last August is...

94 Sessions!! Congrats Debbie-I'll be emailing you :)

I was really surprised myself to go back and count because it feels like many many more...but between holidays, having a baby, and kid's sports games, I did about half as many this past year than last year. Interesting!

And here is one of those 94...sneak peek for this little rock star.

PS-I am still looking for an attorney and an interior decorator to barter with--please contact if you know someone!!

Driving his car...
Just being the rock star that he is!
Gorgeous Blue eyes to die for!


Tonya Marie said...

Great expressions! He looks like a really sweet kiddo.

Sherry said...

What a cute little guy! I just wanted to let you know that I am still really enjoying your posts and, naturally, your photography. Of all the sites I've seen, I really admire yours the most. Thank you for giving me a peek into the lense of genius. I have not yet, been able to find a photographer with whom I can apprentice with, but have had a few willing subjects to practice on.