Thursday, April 19, 2007

Meet the Freemans

I know many have been waiting for these pictures of last month's Emily Project recipients. To bring anyone new up to speed, Cindy and Bill were nominated to have portraits made by a wonderful friend of theirs who was touched by the way Bill is facing his terminal throat cancer. I took them as clients hoping I could give them something...instead, they gave me so much more-perspective, faith, and hope.
So without further ado, meet the Freemans. A family of infinite faith and love, and great role models for all of us.
Although Bill seemed very well to me at the time, his wife tells me he doesn't remember doing these photos. Although I made it through the photo session and proofing these images without crying, that information did me in. Please pray for Bill and his family.

If anyone wants to help Bill's family out with his expenses, please read here.


Paige Kearin said...

This is sooo awesome that you are doing this! I love the Emily project donation idea. What a beautiful act.

Rona's Home Page said...

How beautiful. I'm sure they will always cherish the time and these photos.