Friday, March 02, 2007

Spring Break and Emily Project

Just a reminder to everyone that I will be on Spring Break with my kids next week, March 5-10th. All calls and emails will be returned the following week, thank you for your understanding!

I wanted to announce the recipient of the Emily Project package for this month. For those who don't know, you can nominate someone in your life (including yourself) for a free session and $500 print package. The project is set up to provide portraits to families who deserve professional photos of their family but for one reason or another can't or haven't had them made otherwise. Here is the letter I received that was chosen:

"I would like to nominate my friends, Bill and Cindy, for photographs.

This is a fabulous family with 3 beautiful children 11 - 5 years of age. Last year about this time Bill got a sore throat and after several rounds of antibiotics it was not getting better. He went to the Dr. and tests revealed that he had throat cancer at a very advanced stage. He was given very little time with little hope for treatment. He chose to believe in his recovery with the help of God. Prayers came from many and in the end he did beat the cancer. However, not for long. He fought a second battle this summer and now he is in his third round and this one is not good. They cannot find the center of the cancer and there is no way to treat it. He went to MD Anderson for a trial treatment and was told that he was not a good candidate for the treatment and was sent home. I have been told that he was given 9 mo - 36 mo.

He is such an inspiration, as when others are in this position they retreat into self pity and draw into themselves. He has chosen to reach out and tell his story and how God is good and is working miracles through him. He feels that God has a purpose for him going through this and wants to share. I would love to see this family get portraits and have special memories for the future..."

To me, this is what the Emily project is all about. Thank you, Michele, for telling me about your friends, and for giving them this gift that I know they will cherish, and giving me this opportunity. You are an angel!

If you would like to nominate someone, please send an email explaining why you are nominating them to . Be sure and include your contact information, and the contact information for the person you are nominating.

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