Thursday, March 22, 2007

If you are a DFW mom, and you have a stroller,

Come stroller skate with me!!

Thursday mornings have become my favorite morning of the week. We discovered it on Spring Break, and now I am a regular...

Thunderbird Skating Center in Plano has a Stroller Skating session every Thursday morning. You rollerskate with your baby in a stroller. It's as fun as it sounds! And talk about a great workout! I take my girls every Thursday and some friends join us, we'd love to see you guys out there. I keep forgetting to take pictures with my "real" camera but here is an image with my camera phone: She sleeps through all the action...
She's only 4-they lock her skates for her and since it's not very crowded, I don't have to worry about her getting run over :)
And if you're wondering- yes, they play 80's pop songs like Thriller and there is a disco ball, nothing has changed since I was 8!


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