Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I don't do weddings, but...

My Spring Break began with my lifetime best friend's small wedding and ended with my brother in law's wedding. For these two people, I agreed to do the unheard of!!

After the first wedding, I was actually tossing around the idea of offering a wedding package. It was fun.

No offense to my brother-in-law at all, and maybe it's because my husband was the best man, my daughter was the flowergirl, and my son was a ringbearer; but after that one, I was back to my original stance. I don't do weddings!!!

Now in my defense to those of you who have begged me to do so and so's weddings in the past, this was a "no pressure" thing---if I screwed these up, I knew the bride and groom would forgive me and most importantly, not sue me!!

Cristi's wedding was at night, which was such a challenge because I HATE flash and didn't want to use it at all. So I used available light (which during the ceremony was a spotlight) and shot on very low shutter speeds.

The beautiful bride, nervous before the ceremony...

Fun little fact...the minister here is my little brother!! I'm so proud of him :)

And then my brother-in-law's wedding on Saturday. I was much less nervous about this one, because it was held outdoors at the "golden hour" as we photographers call it, right before sunset, at a funky old house with lots of cool places to shoot.

My new sister-in-law!

The cutest flower girls on the planet...my niece Madison and of course my Gabby-they are 5 weeks apart and the very best of friends (and double trouble!!!)
What post of my family would be complete without Maddy...isn't she getting big!
The guys- that's my husband on the right, my brother-in-law in the middle, and my son Mikey in the front.
They did a lot of this....

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