Thursday, March 15, 2007

You're always asking me...

"What do we wear?" "Where do we get it?"

Well I now have the perfect answer for you. Little Heiress-have you guys been there? It's in Frisco in the new Shops at Starwood. Check out this outfit I got today for my little model:

If I could have taken the whole store home with me I would have. I saw outfit after outfit that would be perfect for photoshoots for girls and boys.

And even better news...Little Heiress and I will be partnering up in the future for lots of fun and exciting stay tuned here or visit their store for those details!

And since I'm shamelessly posting pictures of my own kids; for those who have been asking-my little Maddy is now 5 months old, can you believe it?? Here she is-

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