Friday, April 13, 2007

Contemplative on a Thursday night

I'm so, so, behind. I don't have any pictures to show you guys because I've been shooting so many pictures, I haven't had time in between to proof them. Playing catch up stinks.

I did, however, want to write about my experience with my first ever "Emily Project" recipients. Our session was last night. Words absolutely cannot express how grateful I am to have had Bill and Cindy Freeman come into my life. Can you imagine having terminal throat cancer, having three children under the age of 10, planning your own funeral?? Now just maybe you can imagine that...but can you imagine looking death in the face and being downright GRATEFUL, EXCITED, for the opportunities and joys you receive from God through the process? I myself have been seriously ill before...and went through the whole "Why, meeeee?" thing. Bill immediately knew there was a purpose to his illness. He is sharing his love for God with anyone who will listen, and he has faith that everything he is going through has a purpose. He also has 100% faith that God will take care of him and his family through all of this, and because of that, God has. Checks for EXACT amounts needed for bills showing up in his mailbox with no sender listed. Situations like that, over and over and just couldn't listen to Bill's story and not believe that God is holding him in His hands. I am a better for person for having talked with this family for just the hour and a half I spent with them last evening.

I will have some images from their session very soon (having computer issues on top of being behind!). In the meantime, there is a fund set up for Bill's family---please donate if you can to help with medical expenses, etc.

William Freeman Care Fund
PO Box 1087
Frisco, TX 75034
or deposits can be made at any Capital One Bank.
Checks or deposits should be made out to the *William Freeman Care Fund*

I also wanted to share this month's recipient of the Emily project:

The family I would like to nominate - Mike, Janet, Thor, and Kenzi. A few years ago, Janet and Mike did in vitro fertilization after years of trying to get pregnant. Four eggs were implanted...Janet lost one baby somewhere around 4 or 5 months, and then after complications galore (lots of bed rest, cervical cerclage x2, hospitalizations, etc.), the water broke with one of her triplets at just before 32 weeks. She made it 5 more days before infection set in and she was forced to go ahead and deliver all three babies. Hunter, the smallest, and the one whose water had broken, did not survive. Thor and Kenzi spent considerable time in the hospital, and ultimately, Kenzi has severe cerebral palsy - Thor is perfectly healthy.
Janet works tirelessly with her daughter...she has devoted much of her life to giving Kenzi the best quality of life possible - traveling all over to try new remedies for various symptoms of the disease - it is just an amazing kind of love. Mike still rocks Kenzi to bed each night, and she can hardly stand to be away from her daddy for any amount of time. Thor has had his own set of issues to deal with being the twin brother of an especially needy sister.
Janet expressed to me that she desperately wants some great pictures of her kids, but no one has ever been able to do great things with Kenzi, and they have never wanted to spend a lot of money on pictures when getting good ones is just so difficult! I told her about you (but not about the Emily Project), and that you have such a way of drawing kids out and capturing them - an amazing gift and talent straight from above!
She was going to look at your web-site and couldn't wait to see the most recent pictures of our little angels. If anyone deserves special pictures of their beautiful family, it is this family!!! They are all just amazing - but professional photography has been something they've denied themselves for lots of reasons. Please consider them for this gift you've chosen to give of yourself...I'm crying just thinking about it.

Please keep sending in your nominations-we'll be selecting this month's at the end of April. Read here for info and send nominations to

Thanks for hangin' in there on this long one. You guys are the best readers/clients a girl could have!

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Paige Kearin said...

Best of luck keeping up with yourself. Whenever you get overwhelmed take a moment to feel grateful that you have been entrusted and that you are so capable.