Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Devine U Workshop

I'm already planning my next Devine U parent workshop, please email me if you are interested and we can get a date set for June or July!! The fee is $250 per person, and it is 2.5 hours of small group instruction and exercise.

Some feedback from this weekend's parent workshop:

"I've taken photography classes before in a big classroom setting and gotten jack-squat out of them. The concepts of f-stops, ISO and shutter speed, just didn't make sense to me. I gotta tell you, I was worried about the cost of the workshop and not getting my money's worth, but it was TOTALLY worth it. I mean, I've got this fancy, schmancy SLR camera and had NO idea how to work it (I'm a very bad instruction-reader, I learn much better in a hands on, one on one environment.) You took the time to explain what all those knobs and buttons on my camera do and now I can correct those pictures that I couldn't get when the camera was on auto mode. PLUS, I now know how to manipulate the photos and make them look even better using my computer (I used Picassa instead of Photo Shop because it's free, and you helped me with that too). THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!" -Vivian

"When I saw that Devine Photography was offering their Devine U Workshop, I couldn't wait to sign up and save myself a spot! Not only had Deanna taken photos of my family since I was expecting almost 3 years ago, but the idea of being able to pick her brain about questions on photography and photography equipment that random "Googling" wasn't answering for me was just a few of the reasons I wanted to go.

After signing up I knew this was going to be more than some simple little workshop/class that you could take a Wolf Camera or community college. Deanna sent me an email asking if there were any questions upfront that I would like answered at the workshop, um WOW. Never had
a workshop ask me that before hand so that I didn't have to remember when I got there.

As the days got closer to the workshop, I wondered how Deanna was going to know how "my" camera worked. Everyone has a different camera, I knew mine was way different than hers, how was she going to help me understand my camera any differently than anyone else's? Well to say I was wrong in my thinking was a gross understatement! She asked everyone to pull out their cameras and right away she was telling each person what "this" and "that" did on their cameras - I even learned about buttons I didn't know I had!

Deanna was clear and spoke on a level of clear understanding that not only kept my interest in what she was talking about, but made me feel like all the information I was getting out of it was something that was completely ascertainable that I could, WANTED, AND COULDN'T WAIT to use them!

The next day I to say I was "itching" to pull out my camera and "practice" everything that I had learned is, well lets just say I was like a kid in a candy store! Thank you Deanna for giving me a better understanding of my camera - from the inside out." -Denise

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