Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Donate to Heroes For Children, Receive Sitting Fee Discount

One of my closest friends is Jenny Scott, who many may know as one of the co-founders of Heroes For Children. Jenny lost her beautiful daughter Allie to cancer nearly 5 years ago, and has dedicated her life to helping families through the same situation through her work with HFC.
Allie, who would have started Kindergarten yesterday

HFC provides financial assistance to families whose lives are affected by cancer. They help pay bills, provide things like laptops to teens who are stuck at the hospital and out of touch, help throw celebration of life parties, and sadly even help with funeral expenses.

It is a beautiful cause.

This year my family and I will be participating in the Heroes for Children 5K event, which is held each year at the Shops of Legacy. I have set a goal for my family to raise $1000 for HFC.

To encourage donations, Devine Photography will offer a 10% discount off any future sitting fee for any donation $25 or more.

Even if you aren't local and would like to donate, EVERY DONATION IS APPRECIATED!!!

Help me get to our goal of $1000 by clicking here and making a donation:


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