Monday, February 01, 2010

Ellise & Ian

It's a photography law. Well maybe it isn't, YET...but I am making it one. If I walk into a home, tell the family all about how the light is too dark today, don't think it will work, have to come back next week, welllllll maybe I'll just try it. GUARANTEED best shoot ever.

(of course it never hurts to have two of the sweetest kids and their adorable parents in front of the lens)

The shot on the right brought tears to my eyes as soon as it popped up on the back of my camera. A new classic.


jeni said...

mom works with my husband :)

Anonymous said...

deanna, i LOVE them!!! i can't wait to see the rest! thanks jeni for passing deanna on to dena, who passed her on to me!!!!! :)