Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Worth the Wait

Although I like to brag that I hardly am ever rained out, unfortunately last week I did have to postpone this particular session after the clouds rolled in and dumped on all of us. It never fails though that if I cancel a session because of rain in the AM, by the time the session was supposed to have taken place, the sun is out and it is perfect...and this day was no exception! But I'm glad that we did wait because the day we rescheduled was beautiful and bright...best conditions possible!
For some reason it took me a minute or two to get into my "zone" ... But once I "found" my light and got going it just flowed, even when sweet baby girl decided to take a catnap on us. (Isn't Mom GORGEOUS!)
I had so much fun chatting with Mom and Dad about schools and neighborhoods and cameras, and before I knew it, we looked down and baby was awake and grinning at us. Yay!!
Interesting fact about this family---Dad was a contestant on the Amazing Race a few years ago and from what I hear, did pretty well! Isn't that a cool story??

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Sherry said...

Yes, mom really is gorgeous! I absolutely love the last one in color though. What bright eyes. And the color definition from the hoodie makes this photograph stunning. HOW do you do that?!?