Sunday, April 27, 2008

I brought you all a souvenir

Here is a giant sneak peek for Tom and Amanda, who not only hosted our trip to NY, but introduced us to the greatest burgers EVER, and showed us around the city they love. It was an amazing time and I have big plans to someday own an apartment in Brooklyn.

I plan to be back every 6 months so please spread the word--I want to be a part-time New Yorker!!
Baby Kate is on my Baby Plan, I'm sure you remember those gorgeous blue eyes. They usually come to me here in Big D, but we needed to get Dad in on the action and hey, I needed an excuse to take my first New York trip ever! So I took my good friend and we had an incredible 4 day trip, one of which was devoted completely to following the family around to their favorite, most iconic New York places. First up-Dad's home away from home-Downtown in the Financial District.

Next up, does this one need an explanation? The gorgeous and awe-inspiring Brooklyn Bridge
For this shot, I asked Mom and Dad to put Kate down in the center of the pedestrian bridge. Dad said "Oh my gosh, my daughter's in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge!" He was laughing but was obviously nervous---I didn't fully understand why until later when my friend and I headed back during a busier time. Scary!
And this was Kate's first subway ride! (and mine!)

Our subway ride somehow landed us in Grand Central Station (after this, it took my friend and I 3 tries and 3 Metro cards to figure out the subway system). Again, no words, I took a minute to take it all in, and then decided to balance the chaos of the station with the calmness of this family.

The look on her face says it all-This is exactly how I felt crossing NY streets
On the steps of the NY Public Library.
And what better way to end than in Central Park-by far my favorite place in New York.
Happy, Happy first birthday to Miss Kate!

PS-Did anyone see me on the Today show??? I had my .15 seconds of fame Friday morning!!!


Anonymous said...

Deanna--what an amazing birthday gift!! Tom and I both had tears of joy when we saw your blog this morning. Thank you for sharing your talent with us and capturing such a special day. We love showing off NY to our friends and enjoyed the time we spent with you and Sara.

Thank you so much,

Anonymous said...

Hi Deanna, I'm Cate's "Mimi" (grandmother)in Mississippi as well as the grandmother of Sydney, Rhett and Reid. Thank you!!! Thank you!! for posting. I love seeing my precious ones on your website. Anita Gambrell