Friday, January 23, 2009

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I am so thankful that I made the decision to take the month is the latest from my house (copied and pasted from my facebook page, sorry if you guys are seeing it twice) If you don't know my dad, he is only 53 years old, lives around the corner from me, and we are a very close family.

For those who don't know, yesterday my dad called to tell me that he had an MRI earlier in the week after having a few dizzy spells. They found a mass, and today was his dr. appointment with the neurosurgeon. We went with Dad to the neurosurgeon's office today. First of all, the tumor is benign. That is the most important thing and the thing we are trying to focus on. It is about the size of a golfball and has likely been there for years. This is how they know it's benign. If it were malignant, he'd be dead by now. More good news: the tumor is not actually growing on his brain, just pushing against it, at his brain stem.

The problem: it's inoperable. It has blood vessels all through it that likely also supply that area of his brain with blood. Surgery would likely cause major damage to his motor skills and he would never be the same. If it continues to grow, his motor skills would be affected.The surgeon seemed to think that gamma ray knife surgery is his best option. I don't think I exactly understand yet, but they're doing some more tests to rule out surgery and to see if he is a candidate for this gamma ray procedure, which is like super precise radiation. Here is a link: click on Neurology, then Gamma Knife procedure this works the way it should, they can kill the tumor and it will basically implode and shrink. After that, he should be able to live a normal life. I'd imagine he'd have to have follow up MRI's to make sure it doesn't grow again.

Dad is in good spirits. He was just grateful that he didn't walk in and have the surgeon tell him he had 6 months to live. I'm iffy. One minute, I'm so grateful that he doesn't have cancer, the next I am so terrified of that stupid monster on his brain or of him suffering at all. I got to see the tumor on the MRI and I think I will have nightmares about it tonight. It is huge and is literally smooshing his brain stem and the lower right quadrant of his brain. It is a MIRACLE that he doesn't have more symptoms. That thing is a beast.I believe the next tests are next week sometime and I will definetly keep updated. Thanks for the phone calls, emails, texts, etc from everyone. I am so sorry I haven't been able to get back to most of you. I am emotionally exhausted and holding a conversation right now is difficult.

Please continue to pray for my Daddy.

For my clients:

I know many of you are waiting on things from me. I hope that you all know me well enough to know that I will get back to you and get you everything you are waiting on as soon as I can. I have been unable to get to all the emails and calls relating to the business. Please continue to have patience with me as I promise we will get everything to you as soon as we can. I just need some time to recuperate from everything that I have been through. I will get through this and I will come out ok and ready to be creative and work again. I have just never been in such a difficult period of my life before, and would be crazy not to take advantage of being self employed right now.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience and understanding.



c said...

If you need a nuerosurgeo, I'd highly recommend Dr. Rob Dickerman at Presby Plano.

I've used him for years and have been highly impressed. His website is

Devine Memories Photography said...

Thank you C! We have one but can always use a second opinion!

Jerit Davis, DDS said...

HI Deanna!

Again, we've really been praying for you ... I know this time in your life has been beyond expression.

When you're ready, please mail me some cards so I can display them in Dr. Holt's office. Your photos are looking amazing on her site!

Praying for you...

Haylee D