Monday, February 02, 2009


Last Friday, my Dad had a test to determine the amount of bloodflow to the tumor in his brain. The news was what we expected and not encouraging. There is a large amount of bloodflow to the tumor, and this makes any surgery or radiation "treacherous" (the neurosurgeon's word).

The short of it is, my Dad must have an operation on an inoperable brain tumor. We had no idea how serious this brain tumor was, and it turns out to be almost as bad as if he did have cancer. The only up to it not being cancer is that it buys us more time to find a surgeon to operate.

There are 25-50 surgeons in the entire country who are skilled enough to operate on the area of the brain that his tumor is located. The good news: one of them is located in Dallas. Dad will be consulting with this doctor very soon to see if he thinks he or one of his colleagues across the country would be able to at least get some of the tumor out. It is tricky because of all the bloodflow and because it is buried so far deep in his brain. Tricky isn't even the right word, it's so damn near impossible that this neurosurgeon, who is on the cover of D Magazine as one of the area's best, wouldn't touch it.

Anyways we still have options and we still have hope, but I can't tell you guys how scared I am. No one wants to see their parents suffer, I truly can't imagine anything worse.

Please continue to pray for him or send good thoughts our way.

As for me, I am going to be slowly stepping back into working. I'll start returning phone calls and emails this week and will begin taking sessions again towards the end of this month. Look for a reprint sale coming up in the next couple of weeks. I cannot begin to thank all of you enough for the patience and kindness you have shown me during the most difficult period of my life. I will forever be grateful.


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