Tuesday, October 10, 2006

(Drumroll please...) Introducing....

Madeleine Grace Silvestre
Born Saturday, October 7th, 5:18PM
7 pounds 2 ounces, 18 inches

She surprised us with about half the hair of her older brother and sister, and seems to look just like her Mommy! Yay, finally!!!

These were taken in her hospital room the day we went home. The 70's polka dot and scary-lace dress belonged to Mommy exactly 30 years ago, and is what Mommy wore home from the hospital, as well as big sister Gabby.

She is the sweetest, most angelic little baby and absolutely adored by Mikey and Gabby. They are madly in love and she adores them as well.

Life is a little nuts adjusting to having 3, and you would think I'd never had a newborn before...it's like starting all over. But it's wonderful and we are in heaven!
Everyone wants to know where we got the adorable spotted blankie w/ her name stitched... Two of my clients make these-- http://www.chicpetitemonogrammedgifts.com/

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curlygirl972 said...

So beautiful! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. I LOVE her lips.