Monday, December 11, 2006

Dance Like No One is Watching

I had the absolute pleasure of being invited into the world of little Mia and little-er Ella this past week. The moment I met Mia, I wanted to get my camera on our consultation she was taking me by the hand and leading me from room to room to play with her. With those big brown eyes and sweet curls, she is completely irresistable.

Ella was born just a couple of weeks before my own Maddy, so taking her picture tugged at my heartstrings. I recognize at a heightened level right now the amount of emotion that those first smiles and coos evoke from a little baby girl of only 2 months. Her porcelain skin and gorgeous eyes that photograph like crystals made her an easy subject.

After we were finished, Mom and I were sitting and chatting and we looked up across the hallway, and Mia was dancing away, having the absolute time of her life. Ah, to be a kid again...

(click on image to see it bigger)

***side note---I had a manic rush of creativity after my last post and finished my holiday cards in record time...they may actually arrive before Christmas Eve this year!!

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Deb said...

These are just spectacular! And oh my goodness - how cute are they?