Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!!!!!

Ok guys, I'm closing up shop for a week or two while my kids are out of school. I'll still be shooting here and there and checking emails/messages every few days in case something comes up, but for the most part I'll be baking, ice skating, wrapping gifts, visiting Santa, and enjoying my wonderful kiddos for a bit. I hope you all get a chance to do the same!

I blogged about stressing over the holiday cards this had to share what I finally came up with. My clients should have all gotten this in the mail. And the number one question has been: "Did you photoshop the noses on them??" The answer is no, I actually taped red pom- poms onto them, including the baby. Anything for a picture. If only I had thought of the photoshopping :)

I've got SO MUCH planned for 2007 so stay tuned!!

PS-I am in desperate need of a new part-time babysitter--if you know of someone, can you please email me?

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Tonya Marie said...

It's such an adorable card and adorable kiddos! I wondered about the noses too.