Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Giving Back

One of my *many* resolutions for this new year was to dedicate myself to giving back as much as I can.

One thing I'm trying to do and trying to get my kids to do is to try one random act of kindness everyday. Today was my first real shot at it. I was standing in line at Target and noticed that the lady behind me looked absolutely smashing in the color she was wearing. I remembered a few years ago, some stranger I never had met told me how amazing I looked in the pink suit I was wearing. I never forgot it. I decided to be uncomfortable (I'm pretty shy) for the moment and let her know how amazing she looked in that color. I can't tell you the look on her wasn't a polite smile, or even an amused or "she must be crazy" look that I got, which I guess is what I expected...instead her eyes lit up, her entire face lit up, and she looked so sincerely flattered. I am hooked!

Now on the not-so-random note, I have come up with an idea that I'm ready to try out in the upcoming months. I realize that having professional, caring, and personal pictures made of your children is a big investment, and I know that there are plenty of great parents out there who would love to have those memories captured but just can't afford it, for whatever reason. I am setting up an application/nomination process to offer those families the chance to have the portraits that I feel everyone should have.

The nominees should apply or be nominated if they believe in the value of portraits but do not have the means to have them made on their own.

Apply if you believe it is important to capture your child now...apply if you love every face they make and want to remember them as they are...if you cringe at the thought of forgetting the way they grab your chin when they kiss you...but just can't afford the expense.

Even better, nominate someone whom you think deserves to have pictures made of their family or children. Maybe someone is having a tough year financially, or their health is failing...for whatever reason...I know you all will have someone special in mind. I am open to anything...teenagers, families, couples; the session does not just have to be children.

Send your email with the following things included:

1-who you are nominating (or your name if you are applying yourself)
2-tell me their story, including why they would want the portraits, and why they need or deserve them
3-contact information for you and the person you are nominating

I am setting up a separate email account for the applications to be sent: , and will choose based on those emails.

The person chosen will get the session, a $500 print package, and the DVD of their slideshow, total value $920.

The first applicant will be chosen in February, so start sending the nominations in now!

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Jennifer said...

Deanna, what you are doing is so wonderful and heart whelming to offer this opportunity to someone.