Friday, January 19, 2007

Yep, I do that too!

I get asked all the time about the ages I will photograph. While I absolutely love and adore working with little ones, I have so much fun with teenagers and their families, too. I'm not going to pretend I am some awesome Senior Photographer who knows how to make you stand the perfect way and make you look like a total supermodel. But I can do the same with teens that I can do with little ones and their families: and that is show a little insight into your personality, and capture your relationships.

This absolutely gorgeous family was here visiting from waaaaay up north (and they thought they were getting away from the cold weather, ha!) I had forgotten how giggly you are when you are a teenage girl with other teenage girls. It was so fun!!!

I also had to share a couple from this session, and I've been dying to since early December when we actually did the session. However, Dad is like the greatest husband in the world and did these as a surprise for Mom for Christmas! (let me hear it ladies, "awwwwwwww, why can't my husband do that?") He framed the contact sheets and presented her those and the online slideshow as a gift. I thought that was pretty cool and my only regret was that I wasn't there to see her face :)

And...can I just brag for a moment....I did a big photoshoot with my three kiddos last week in between illnesses and got this one, that I ordered today as a giant 20x30 canvas to put over my fireplace. Can I get a WOOOO HOOOO!!!

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