Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Photographer Dreams

If you've ever waited tables in your lifetime, then you know what I'm talking about when I mention "Waiter Dreams". I haven't waited tables in over 10 years, and yet, still to this day I will wake up in a cold sweat thinking that I never brought tea and water to my sections and I'm "in the weeds". I have never had a "Photographer Dream" until last night, when I dreamt that the calls and emails were coming in faster than I could handle with clients wanting to know why their pictures had not been previewed on the blog yet :) I'm still behind, what can I say, it's summer, I'm on crutches with three kids--thank God my clients are in actuality the BEST and extremely understanding. That's a great part of my job, all my clients are moms and dads too and can relate!!

And here's another sneak peek for the patient mom of one of the most beautiful babies I have ever photographed...another boy with the gorgeous eyelashes (c'mon you boys, share the wealth!). I'm in love with him and hoping he'll be my son in law someday!! :)

And as promised, Maddy's new bathing suit from Little Heiress (and a self indulgent shot of all three of my kids)

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Just the Sous Chef said...

Yoou are right, his eyelashes are TDF!!! Your kiddos are beautiful!!!