Friday, June 29, 2007

We have a winner!

Congratulations to the parents of the little darlings in Image #8! I really appreciate everyone who voted.

Sweetest Sibling Shot
Vote for the Sweetest Siblings (best interaction)
Image #8-Big sister hugs newborn 29.9% 110

Image #5-Big Brothers cuddle up with baby sister 23.6% 87

Image #2- Sister mimicking brother 12.2% 45

Image #4-Older two adore new baby 9% 33

Image #7-Kiss from Big Sister 8.7% 32

Image #3-Big Brother holds newborn siblings 8.2% 30

Image #1- Smiling Twins 4.3% 16

Image #6-Eating Ice Cream 4.1% 15

total votes: 368


Paige Kearin said...

Wow! That is a winning photo

Angie Glancy said...

They are so beautiful....they have mom's and nana's genes!!!!(& I guess Dad gets a little credit)
Angie Glancy