Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Boys will definetly be boys!

As a photographer, I don't think there are any sweeter words than "I just want to capture our day to day lives"...at least not for me. When a client asks me to come in and just document life as normal, I almost jump for joy...not only because they are fun sessions, but my favorite types of images, and as a mom, to me, the most important. So when my favorite veterinarian asked me to come document her boys' morning, I was thrilled, and man did we have the time. Lots of jumping, tickling, hiding, running, castle building, leaf throwing, and most of all, laughing!

Dr. C I'm saving the best for you but here is just a sneak peek!
Pillow fights on the couch

By the way if anyone in Plano/Allen is looking for a vet, Dr. C is the most fabulous one out there and I'd be happy to pass along her info!


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