Monday, February 04, 2008

Prayer request

I like to use this blog for many purposes but when I have the opportunity to spread a prayer request for someone I jump on it, so here I am with another request for one of my families.

Jett is 2 years old and we had our photo session with his gorgeous family back in December before the holidays. After I got back from my break I got an email from his aunt saying that Jett had been admitted to the hospital, and they were unsure what was going on with him, but they would contact me soon. I just got off the phone with Jett's mom and she gave me an update-Jett has had fever for 28 days straight now. They have really no idea what is causing the fever and have performed every test imaginable and have only been able to rule things out with these tests. The big ones, like leukemia, have been ruled out, with junior rheumatoid arthritis now being the theory, which seems out of whack to them because he has no joint pain, and Kawasaki Disease being the next likely cause.

Jett's mom is a wreck, losing weight and having a tough time so if everyone could please say a prayer for the family and for Jett that something be found so it can be treated, I would appreciate it!!


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Laura H. said...

i know what its like to watch a little one like that go without answers and be so miserable. prayers for her and her family and all those who are supporting them in this time of trial!