Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bartering is the best.

In case you are reading this and own your own practice, business, or service--let's barter! I have bartered for the following services in the past

interior design
cosmetic dentistry
legal work
children's clothes
office help
professional organization
graphic design
computer and technical services
hair services

Not only can we trade services, but we can advertise to each other's clientele-definetly a win-win.

Also, if you own a children's service and are interested in advertising on my blog, please email me and let's discuss details!

MOMMY project: I have had an overwhelming response to the mention of my mommy project. I am still currently seeking applications so please let us know if you would like more details.

EMAIL: I have also been experiencing great difficulty with emails. Many clients are reporting that they sent me emails and I never got them. I always answer all emails within 48 hrs, so if you don't hear back from me, I did not receive--please either re-send or call the office. If you emailed me about the Mommy project and did not hear back, please call or re-send.


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