Friday, September 12, 2008

And while I have a second away from Maddy...

...I should quickly post the sneak from the second of today's two sessions!
Another sweet 1 year old. Oh man do I love me some 12 month old babies and those awesome first steps!!
Here's baby girl with Mommy and Daddy (and future baby sister, hidden in there somewhere!)
collecting the acorns
There is nothing like catching a new walker mid-step...they have THE moves.
And what I think is a new Devine Memories cuh-LASSIC.


Tonya Marie said...

What a doll. The colors are amazing. I especially love the acorn collecting. Too cute!

Jayme Tighe said...

Beautiful captures. Stunning catchlights in the eyes.

monicac2 said...

That baby is GORGEOUS!