Friday, September 05, 2008

Don't Fall Over

Guess when this sneak peek is from.......THIS MORNING!

Yes I am totally caught up on editing and hope to KEEP IT THAT WAY. My goal is same day sneak peeks throughout the entire holiday season, mostly for my own sanity and my kids' sanity :) But yes, a nice bonus for you, the client!

And my timing could not have been more perfect because this sweet family traveled 4 hours from Louisiana for this session (although last time they came from Seattle!). An exciting updated session needed to be had, since the addition of baby brother Drew! (At our last session, sister Anna was just baby's age!)
Big bro Grant

Baby Bro' Drew
And (this one HAD to be color) Big Sis' Anna
It only took a few hours to get this shot *kidding!*
One of my faves

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Heather said...

Love them!!! Although I knew I would!! Thanks for the super quick sneak peek and for taking such amazing pictures! Can't wait to see more!