Monday, October 06, 2008

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear everyone...

If you are waiting to hear from me, aside from the obscenely busy holiday rush that I'm already weathering, October is THE CRAZIEST month for me personally.

But I did want to stop and wish my precious son Michael a HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY today!!!!!! It still pains me to say that he is TEN, double digits...but I am so very proud of my boy and hope today was his best so far. Here's a picture of him from his birthday party this weekend...
(the cake is a 3D me if you want the cake maker's #...she's amazing!)

And tomorrow is Maddy's SECOND birthday...I know I don't even have to say how fast time has flown by. And while Maddy's short little life has definetly been the WILDEST ride I've ever been on, I'm loving every minute of it and laughing the whole way.
(The following picture is what I'm dealing with most of the time these days)


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