Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This pretty much sums up the past 2 weeks for me:
(somewhere my assistant Suzanne is nodding her head fervently in agreement)
You should have seen this unfold in person. I made the two big kids sit and hold their smiles. Maddy wanted me to hold her, but we take this picture every Halloween in front of the house before we trick or treat, it's a tradition. So I plopped her down, kids frozen next to her, me screaming "GET CLOSER!! HURRY!!!!!!!" *snap*
Let's see, the past two weeks.... Everyone in the house caught the awful stomach bug that is going around, each of us had it for 2 days, and none of us had it on the same day. I was the last to catch it of course. Then half of us caught another respiratory thing with fever, then Monday I finally took Maddy to the doc where she was diagnosed with severe bronchitis and put on daily breathing treatments, oral steroids, and antibiotics. Have your kids ever been on steroids??? (Suzanne, again, is nodding in agreement) Take one ohhhhh let's just say rambunctious toddler and put her on steroids and you have the equivalent of Richard Simmons on crack. I HATE YOU! I LOVE YOU! PUT ME DOWN! NOW PICK ME UP! BUT WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T WORK OR EVER EVEN THINK OF LOOKING AWAY FROM ME!!!!!
Thus the desperate plea for a Mother's Helper last week (still haven't found anyone...keep the word out!)
Phew! That was exhausting to relive.
So here's the scoop on my behind-ed-ness (I just made up that word)
I sent out my first mini-session gallery today and will continue cranking those out over the weekend and into Monday, so if you are wondering where the heck yours is, it's on the way I promise.
Mini-Sessions were 3 weeks ago so if you've had a shoot in the past 3 weeks then that gives you an idea of where I'm at.
I will be caught up on editing and sneak peeks by the end of this week. So help me GOD.
Suzanne has all other office work caught up, so orders that have been placed and deliveries/pick ups are running on time, no delay.
Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween tonight. Send me pictures of your kids in their costumes!!!

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